What is ShotList?

Wedding photography is tough, Wedding days can be hectic, unpredictable and the plan can run away from you every once in a while. ShotList will help you collaborate with your clients to create perfect Wedding collections whilst keeping you on top of everything that's important when the big day comes. As a modern Wedding photographer you're aiming to create a flawless collaboration with your clientele, and ShotList will make sure you never miss an important shot.

"Almost forgot some detail shots of bouquets as the flowers were all hidden. It made keeping track of which group shots we'd taken a doddle, and being able to communicate the bridal party who needed to line up. "

Our Team

Matt and Jon Warr

Jon is a wedding photographer who wanted an easier way to manage his wedding day operations. Matt is a part time software developer. Jon's ideas couple with Matt's development and technical expertise made ShotList a reality.'

Collaborate. Communicate.

Forget email, phone calls, notes and post its. Invite your clients to collaborate on their ShotList with you with their own client portal access


Build your ShotList from a template or fully custom, and choose which shots your clients are able to see and make suggestions towards.


Invite your clients to register an account by email so they can login to the secure client area to make shot suggestions.


Clients can suggest new shots, edit them and even decide they don't want a shot, managed through the portal


You are the photographer. Choose which suggestions you agree with and which you don't without an endless email thread.

Smooth Operator

You worry about the lighting, composition, framing and coordination. We'll keep you on task.

Fast Access

Once you're logged in, you stay in and you go to the screen thats most important whenever you open it.


Check off the shots as you make them, they hide away so you only see what you need to.

Go Off Grid

No wifi? No 4G? No problem. As long as you've logged into the wedding, you can keep checking them shots off.

Critical Reminders

Get reminder notifications as you move between segments of the day. Never be late again.

Flexible Pricing

Pay as you go on a month-by-month basis, or pay less for a longer commitment. We're happy to help you.



  • 30 day free trial
  • Unlimited weddings
  • Unlimited segments
  • Unlimited shots
  • Unlimited app access
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  • 30 day free trial
  • Unlimited weddings
  • Unlimited segments
  • Unlimited shots
  • Unlimited app access
  • 2 months free per year (vs Monthly)
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